Arab Ottawa newspaper differs from any other community newspaper because our editorial content reflects the issues and aspirations relating to the Canadian Arab communities in Ottawa.
Arab Ottawa newspaper combines entertainment and useful knowledge. As well as, providing the much needed relaxation and entertainment to its reader.
It covers the Arab communities’ activities, news, festivals. It includes the latest news, editorials, features, and columns ranging from local to national issues, without promoting any religious ideology or bias to any ethnic group or political thought. We also avoid sensational and partial coverage that offends the public morals.
This perspective not only enhances our reach and acceptability, but makes Ottawa Arab newspaper the most desired and most reader-friendly Arabic newspaper in Ottawa. Arab Ottawa newspaper is the first Arabic newspaper distributed in Arabic language targeting the Arab community in Ottawa- Gatineau.
As the first Arabic newspaper to be distributed in Arabic, attaining this perspective allows for a friendly and desirable read, by any reader of the Arabic language regardless of origin, ethnicity, beliefs, political views, etc.

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Specifications :

Size : Tabloid (11”X 17”)
Pages : 20 colored pages.
Paper : 20 pages 35lb 80 bright newsprint 4/4. all newspaper wrapped in a bundle of 50, 1/2 Fold.

Distribution points :

Over 30 points in Ottawa-Gatineau including Arabic and Mediterranean markets, restaurant, shopping stores, and Arabic community centers.
Distribution time : Mid of each month
Circulation : 2500 copies monthly.

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info@hsmedia .ca